Serinamar Properties Real Estate

Management of your Home
Whether you go on vacation, or if you are absent from your home for long periods or simply have it as a second home, it is vitally important that you can trust a manager to manage, monitor and take care of your home.
The passage of time, the weather, accidents, and breakdowns make it necessary for your home to be inspected and cared for from time to time to maintain it just the way you like it.
We cover any breakdown, reform, or expansion in your electrical installation with qualified and certified professionals, never run out of power!
One of the worst nightmares is a breakage or water leak that can affect not only your home but also the rest. For repairs and new projects, count on us.
A life-saving locksmith is always essential to open a lock or fix an access door. In addition, this will be available 24h all year.
Storage Rooms
Safe spaces where you can store your personal belongings or small furniture, with guarantee and security.