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Management of your Home
Whether you go on vacation, or if you are absent from your home for long periods or simply have it as a second home, it is vitally important that you can trust a manager to manage, monitor and take care of your home.

The passage of time, the weather, accidents, and breakdowns make it necessary for your home to be inspected and cared for from time to time to maintain it just the way you like it.
We provide services such as
We cover any breakdown, reform, or expansion in your electrical installation with qualified and certified professionals, never run out of power!
One of the worst nightmares is a breakage or water leak that can affect not only your home but also the rest. For repairs and new projects, count on us.
A life-saving locksmith is always essential to open a lock or fix an access door. In addition, this will be available 24h all year.
Storage Rooms
Safe spaces where you can store your personal belongings or small furniture, with guarantee and security.
Storage to Store your Furniture and Appliances
We all have furniture, belongings, or objects that we need to store temporarily, so we offer you stotage rooms for rent in the Polígono Industrial de La Campana en Nueva Andalucía.
Small Storage
6 m³
1,90m x 2,70m x 2,5m
Surveillance Cameras
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Medium Storage
11 m³
1,00m x 2,70m x 2,5m
Surveillance Cameras
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Large Storage
13 m³
2,14m x 2,70m x 2,25m
Surveillance Cameras
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You can consult the additional prices of the following services relative to storage
Home Staging
The real estate sector is in full revolution and new methods are imposed. Home Staging is one of them: taking care of the aesthetic presentation of a home, prepare it in a certain way, using decoration resources, to make it more attractive and thus sell or rent it faster.
What is it?
Home Staging refers to preparing the property to be shown conveniently attractively and pleasantly.
To give spaciousness, a feeling of comfort and turn a simple house into a cosy family home, white is used for the walls and neutral colours for the furniture, minimalism, and extreme simplicity.
The origin of this practice dates to the 1970s in the United States, In the face of the large real estate surplus, there was a need to sell with more agility and efficiency.
Before and After
Some of our finished projects
The Home Staging work implies a development in minor reform, painting and adaptation of the furniture. In this example we use light colours, playing with silver for the headboard and nightstands and contrasting grey curtains with the intense light from the window.
The utmost simplicity, neutral and soft colours prevail, although sometimes it can be “broken” with an opposite colour without changing the style established in the set, as in this example, where it is played with white-grey and the dark grey of the sofa.
Living Room
Years ago, spaces were often overloaded with decorative elements, furniture, rugs, wallpapers, different types of wall decorations, etc. Today we enjoy more spacious bright spaces, smooth and symmetrical lines that make us feel comfort and well-being.
The home buying process has a large component emotional and unconscious. Studies show that approximately, the first 90 seconds of visiting a property mark 90% of the occasions the final decision of the transaction.