The real estate sector is in full revolution and new methods are imposed.
Home Staging is one of them: taking care of the aesthetic presentation of a home,
prepare it in a certain way, using decoration resources,
to make it more attractive and thus sell or rent it faster. 
What is it?
Home Staging refers to preparing the property to be shown conveniently attractively and pleasantly.
To give spaciousness, a feeling of comfort and turn a simple house into a cosy family home, white is used for the walls and neutral colours for the furniture, minimalism, and extreme simplicity.
The origin of this practice dates to the 1970s in the United States, In the face of the large real estate surplus, there was a need to sell with more agility and efficiency.

Before and After

We show you some of our finished projects


The Home Staging work implies a development in minor reform, painting and adaptation of the furniture. In this example we use light colours, playing with silver for the headboard and nightstands and contrasting grey curtains with the intense light from the window.
Before After Home Staging Dormitorio antesHome Staging Dormitorio despues


The utmost simplicity, neutral and soft colours prevail, although sometimes it can be “broken” with an opposite colour without changing the style established in the set, as in this example, where it is played with white-grey and the dark grey of the sofa.
Before After Home Staging Chimenea antesHome Staging Chimenea despues

Living Room

Years ago, spaces were often overloaded with decorative elements, furniture, rugs, wallpapers, different types of wall decorations, etc. Today we enjoy more spacious bright spaces, smooth and symmetrical lines that make us feel comfort and well-being.
Before After Home Staging salon antesHome Staging salon despues
The home buying process has a large component
emotional and unconscious. Studies show that approximately,
the first 90 seconds of visiting a property mark 90%
of the occasions the final decision of the transaction.